About Us

We became passionate about plant based soap, bath bombs, and overall skin care products when we learned the surprising story behind how most mass-produced soap and personal care products are made.

The traditional cold process, handmade method of making soap has been around for hundreds of years. However, advances in technology created new ways to create alternative soaps that were much cheaper to produce.

Unfortunately, these new soaps are closer to detergents than traditional soap. The mass production process removes the natural glycerin (animal or vegetable fat) from the soap, which gives it moisturizing properties and replaces it with synthetic agents such as parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, and sodium lauryl sulfate to make up the difference.

The glycerin is then used in other products with higher markups (e.g. lotions, skin creams), to drive company profits and give the customer back the moisturizing agents they were missing in the first place.

While these detergent bars are more economical for companies and consumers, these soaps are harder on the skin. Because of the ingredients (or lack thereof), they frequently cause dryness and skin irritation (bumps, redness, or acne).

This leads to the need for using additional specialized products, which are often unnecessary when sticking to traditional soap. In addition, many of the additives have been linked to cancer or identified as hormone disruptors.

After learning this, we found the story to be much the same in other personal care products. Therefore, our mission is to educate everyone and provide them with a natural alternative that their body will notice the difference.

We at Magnolia Soap believe you do not have to sacrifice your health for beauty. For this reason, we use only domestically sourced, naturally grown ingredients that have actually felt and seen the sun. We use plant based ingredients in every recipe! Lose the chemicals and discover plant based beauty! 

A Closer Look at The Soap Making Process

All soap starts as a basic mixture of oils and lye solution. The mix results in soap + glycerin. The big difference is what happens from here.

In our handmade soap, the glycerin is retained in the bar and combines with coconut, palm, Shea butter and olive oils to nourish your skin.

Cold process soap has no need to add harsh chemicals or preservatives. The result? You’ll be skin-safe and feel smooth.

Commercial Soap such as from Wal Mart or grocery stores:

Driven by profits, commercial soap producers remove the vegetable glycerin and sell it at a higher markup in other products.

To create more lather without the glycerin, harsh chemicals are added such as SLS (causes skin irritation) and parabens (linked to cancer). Every product Magnolia Soap makes are free from all the above.

We will never waiver from that either!