Ultra Moisturizing Facial Cream

Ultra Moisturizing Facial Cream

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Our Ultra Moisturizing Facial Cream was made for all skin types and will leave your face hydrated, nourished, and begging for more!

Combine this with our Rhassoul Clay or Activated Charcoal Facial Bars for best results!

Our facial cream contains NO alcohols or preservatives. Hydrate and prep your skin with light, skin loving ingredients such as:

Aloe Vera- moisturizes skin, anti-inflammatory, fights aging, reduces wrinkles

Coconut oil- add moisture to skin, protects skin from infections, helps heal acne

Vitamin E- natural sun protector, protects against antioxidants, promotes healing and reduce scarring, anti aging properties

Lemongrass Essential Oil- acts as an astringent and serve as a natural toner

There are many more ingredients in our cream , so make sure to a take look! We love this as a make up prep also, Make up stays on longer and smoother.


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